Discovery STAR Educators at Apollo Elementary School
Ann Armstrong Martha Murphy
DeWayne Barbee Tracey McCormack
Julie Cady Mary McGrath
Lisa Chase Nancy Miller
Cindi Cimorelli Mary Murrill
Peggy Cooper Kay Mustard
Sharon Davis Valerie Nolan
Elizabeth Faulkner Pamella O'Kell
Kristy Goodman Margaret Pelletier
Maria Greenwell Lynnette Perry
Debbie Grimes Shruti Raman
San Harper Jamilyn Raulins
Mirtha Howard Carol Rector
Peggy Insula Mary Jean Rowe
Sharon Irlbeck Lynn Santana
Evelyn Johnson Melissa Simmons
Lisa Hillburn Melissa Slack
Dawn Lee Laurie Davis
Pat Marovich Michelle Gulbrand
Michelle Marr Kristen Turner
Tiffany Van Vuren Kathy Marshall

Teacher Testimonials

I have used the streaming primarily for science. My struggle has always been trying to have a hands on activity for every concept while completing the unit on time. Conveying abstract concepts such as mass & matter in a visual/hands on manner with just a few clicks makes the concepts more understandable to students. It also saves me time as it would take me longer to come up with experiments to teach every concept for each one of my students.


Shruti Raman 2nd grade


The Discovery Streaming tool has given me the ability to find information to supplement our curriculum to have things be up close and personal for my students. When a new ESOL student from Brazil entered my classroom, I was able to access areas of information about Brazil such as the rainforest and native animals to help students understand what it was like where he came from. 

Debbie Grimes 2nd Grade
Apollo Elementary